‘Make Up Your Mind’ is a project with a different approach of makeup artistry.  Makeup has always been connected to beauty and beauty ideals. I wanted to approach it as a form of art. To me the face is a canvas, so why not treat it like one? When it comes to painting, there's a concept behind what the painter is executing. I wanted to do the same: tell a story and make a statement by using faces as a canvas. 


Consumer society is the overall subject of these portraits. Over the passed years I became a lot more conscious about my environmental footprint, which made me change my lifestyle.

But it's though when you are working in the fashion industry. That's why I wanted to make a statement using the face, but in a different way. Each portrait covers a story that's aligned with your environmental footprint: the usage of plastic bags, the fast fashion industry, new technical devices in fast pace, but most importantly how companies are marketing their products and make you want to buy more for less.

Makeup and photography by Minou Meijers