While experimenting with different techniques and concepts for my graduation project 'Make up your mind' I came up with this side project 'False face'. I had the pleasure to exhibit this work during the Pica Pica parade in Schiezicht, Rotterdam.

Throughout the years I have been objectified multiple times for wearing makeup. People often think that wearing a (full) face of makeup means that you are hiding yourself. In other words: you are not truly being yourself. Back in the days they called this 'false face'. Which made me think: When am I Minou? Is this when I am not wearing makeup, when you see my 'real' face. Or is this when I do wear makeup? Because the way I wear my makeup is equivalent to my identity and emotions.

I wanted to document this thought and collected all of my used cotton pads for over a year. Each cotton pad is the evidence of my identity, but at the same time it also symbolizes the act of removing my makeup turning back to my 'true' state of being.